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About COR Golf Fitness

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Game

Our Golf Fitness Program starts with your initial evaluation.

Golf Fitness Assessment:
Step 1- Your Body. We start by looking at every joint in your body, surrounding tissues, and movement patterns using evidence based orthopedic screens. This part of the consultation takes about 20-30 minutes, and gives us a great idea where we need to build stability, mobility, and strength.

Step 2- Your Results. You will receive a comprehensive report that demonstrates how your body movement contributes to the 12 most common swing faults, including loss of posture or an over the top swing.


Step 3- Stretching. The last part of the Golf Fitness assessment includes about 20 minutes of our Golf Stretching Program. We target those tight areas we found in your screens and show you how the program can help you gain mobility in a short amount of time.


The 3 steps to Golf Fitness


1. Create Mobility and Stability

The way we swing is directly related to how much mobility our joints have (or don't have) and our flexibility. Through our Golf Stretching program and Corrective Exercise program for golfers, we will help you build stability in the joints that are meant to be stable, and gain mobility in the joints that should be mobile. Your body will quickly become more efficient at swinging the golf club, and you'll be enjoying more distance off the tee!


2. Gain Functional Strength

Many people think of strength training only from a classic viewpoint, meaning bench press, pull ups, curls, squats etc. These exercises are a great place to start, but we need to move further into golf specific exercises. The core and lower body are extremely important in the golf swing and there are much better functional "modern" ways to train them. Functional strength training almost always involves the core so we can get you much stronger in a more efficient way. We team our Corrective Exercise program for golfers with our Golf Performance Training to get you feeling stronger than you ever have.


3. Increase Power

Lastly comes the thing every golfer wants... more distance off the tee! In some cases just improving mobility and stability can help you out, but in most of us we need a little more than that. This phase of training will combine the Golf Performance Training with some more powerful and explosive movements in the gym to get you moving more quickly through the impact zone, and in some cases picking up 20-30 yards more off the tee!

Golf Fitness Program sessions are 45 minutes and consist of:

  • 5 minute dynamic warmup

  • 35 minute golf performance and exercise

  • 5 minute stretch and cool down

Bridging the gap between Golf Instruction and Golf Fitness! 

All levels of golfers can benefit from having these professionals on their team: a swing coach, a golf fitness trainer, and a medical professional such as a chiropractor or physical therapist if needed.  The goal of the fitness program specifically is to create body awareness as it relates to the golf swing.

For example:
•    Does your torso rotate in both directions?  
•    Do your wrists have full movement? 
•    Do you have flexibility in your calves? 

All fitness programs begin with a TPI movement screen. Once a solid foundation of stability and mobility has been created, we move on to the TPI Level 2 fitness screen that measures strength and endurance. See how your results compare to a PGA player!

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